Online casinos and gambling represent a multi-billion pound industry with many providers vying against each other to attract the biggest market share. Very many of these online casinos run their own casino affiliate programs. By becoming a casino affiliate, you can develop marketing strategies of your own and successful affiliates are able to generate a passive income for themselves.

What is a casino affiliate?

Many casinos run casino affiliate programs to help attract new visitors to their site and to encourage more people to gamble with them. Affiliates – is a prominent one to check out for a real world example – help direct traffic towards a casino and in return they get a small portion of the revenue generated from their traffic. The portion of this revenue varies depending on each casino’s program but you can typically expect anywhere between 15-60%. This way both the casino and the affiliate benefit, as the casino enjoys the increased traffic and revenue and the affiliate gets a portion of any money spent.

How to become casino affiliate

Generally when you join an affiliate program you will not be joining up directly with a casino but rather to a company which runs an affiliate program. These companies have agreements with one or more merchants that you will be generating traffic and revenue for. The advantage of this is that you do not have to worry about contacting casinos yourself and you are not limited to a single casino. Affiliate programs will already have a range of merchants that they have agreements with, so they will provide the traffic destinations and all you have to do is direct people to them.

Some affiliate programs are more choosy than others on their acceptance criteria. Generally programs that pay larger commission percentages are more selective and therefore expect consistent results, whereas others are less picky but offer less revenue sharing because their expectations are lower. You should choose an affiliate program that fits with your revenue expectations. Generally even less picky affiliate programs will offer you bonuses for generating a lot of revenue, so if you perform well it won’t matter which program you pick.

Casino affiliate programs invest significant revenue into customer acquisition and retention, meaning that all of the work creating eye-catching promotional material that draws people in and then keeps paying customers in once they are there is already done for you. The program will supply you with all the marketing material, such as banners, images, text and any other material. All you will need to worry about is taking the code that generates the material as provided by your affiliate program and place it on your website, blog, Facebook page or anywhere else you may try to promote your affiliate program. You will be given a unique link that you will need to use when directing people to the casino, which will identify you as the source.

Becoming your own boss

After being provided with all the marketing material it will then be up to you to generate the necessary traffic. There is no limit to the amount of traffic and therefore revenue that you can generate, which means that if you are good at promoting and capable of generating decent traffic on a regular basis then you can make very good money by doing nothing more than sending paying customers to your unique affiliate link.

Most programs operate on a commission structure, which will vary from program to program but generally there will be a low flat percentage commission based on the amount of revenue your traffic generates. On top of this many programs will offer bonus increased percentage rates. This can be as a welcome bonus when joining an affiliate or they may offer more the more revenue you generate.

Each affiliate program typically operates on a monthly basis, which means that you will need to constantly be generating paying traffic to your affiliate program as each month will begin anew. If you have traffic that performs on a regular basis then you can passively generate decent revenue each month once you have built up a big enough base, but most people will need to be constantly generating new traffic as old users stop playing.

How to choose the right affiliate program

When you consider how to become casino affiliate one of the most important things you should look for is whether they carryover negative balances or not. Affiliate programs will pay you a percentage on the net profits generated from your traffic, which means that you only make money as long as the casino makes money. If a player using your affiliate link wins on the casino’s website, then the casino will lose money and you will be deducted for a percentage of the losses. Having no negative balance carryover means that each month your losses are wiped and you start clean. This is not necessarily a requirement you should look for in affiliate programs, but if your affiliate does carryover negative balances and someone using your link wins big then you could find yourself without any earnings for a long time until you pay it back.

Generating passive income

Affiliate programs for online casinos are perfect for owners of websites with space for ad banners, popular newsletter distributors and anyone with a flair for marketing. If you are a good salesman then it is possible to make money in many ways, from simply putting a few banners on your website or chatting to some people on Facebook and giving out your affiliate link! Naturally the struggle is in getting traffic to use your affiliate link and then hoping that traffic pays money to play the casino without winning. Doing this on a consistent basis is tricky but extremely profitable if you are able to drive lots of traffic. As you would expect from making money from casinos, you take a gamble on the traffic that you generate but you have the home advantage in that you generate revenue when your traffic loses!