All You Need to Know to Get Started as Casino Affiliate!

All You Need to Know to Get Started as Casino Affiliate!

All You Need to Know to Get Started as Casino Affiliate!

Are you a seasoned online casino player looking to make an extra buck? You should know there are ways to earn from casino websites asides from gambling! Some people are making a lot of money by working as affiliates for the biggest online casinos.

Most of these websites have an affiliate program that rewards you for getting new players to sign up and make a deposit. These rewards can be very generous and build up into a sizeable income. Read through this article for an overview of typical affiliate programs.

What is CPA (cost per acquisition)?

The concept of CPA means you’re getting paid a set amount when you get a new player to sign up to the casino and complete predetermined requirements – usually something as simple as making a deposit and playing a set amount. When the predetermined conditions are fulfilled, a commission is instantly credited to your affiliate account. This means you only get paid once for each new player, and only when he fulfills certain conditions.

Since CPA rewards are usually substantial it’s possible to make decent money if you figure out a way to get lots of new players into a casino. When dealing with this kind affiliate rewards, you will usually have access to an affiliate account to keep track of your progress, including everything from the number of players you’ve referred, the amounts they spent and your earnings report.

Casino affliliates: What is revenue sharing?

Another typical affiliate program being offered by online casinos is called revenue sharing. Unlike CPA, this style of reward tends to be on-going; as the name suggests, the casino will share with you some of the revenue they get from your referred clients. This means you will sometimes keep earning multiple payments over time, as your referrals keep making deposits and enjoying casino games.

As you surely can imagine, revenue sharing can have a much higher earning potential than CPA, since it involves on-going payments. If you put some time and effort into locating potentially big players and have them register into an on-line casino, they won’t incur any additional costs compared to what they would spend by signing up on their own. The casino, however, will take a cut from their earnings and share it with you. If you can somehow find a player who makes a lot of deposits, you’ll keep earning a little every time they make new deposits.

On the long run, revenue sharing can be much more lucrative compared to CPA, so you should keep an eye out for this type of opportunity. In some cases, your commissions will be calculated from tiers – which means you’ll get higher commissions as your earnings grow to a higher level. For example, you can earn 10% commission for total monthly sales up to $10,000, and 50% commission from total sales when your monthly sales volume goes over $50,000.

Advanced tips to succeed as a casino affiliate

There are some best practices that you should follow to maximize your earning potential and get the most from your time spent working as an affiliate for online casinos:

– Choose your battles wisely: different casinos have different affiliate programs, different rewards and unique requirements for fulfillment. You should put some time into reviewing different affiliate programs and deciding which work best for you.

– Don’t put your eggs in the same basket: we recommend against working under a single affiliate program because that could mean your earning stream would be cut, if something should happen to that casino or program. It’s best to diversify your portfolio and work with a few casinos so you’ll have somewhere else to turn to if something goes wrong with one of your affiliate accounts.

– Reinvest your earnings to increase scale: you can go a long way as a casino affiliate without spending any money, simply by talking to people and enticing them to register through your affiliate links. But to get to the really massive top tier earning levels, you will have to learn about advertisement and buying media space. As such, you may want to put some of your earnings aside to reinvest in some advertisement from the start and learn about effective ways of doing so.

This advice should help you get started with your exploration of affiliate programs at online casinos. Proceed confidently and do your best effort, with full confidence that you can make some extra cash if you put your heart into it.