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A guide to the virtual casino and why it is taking over the whole industry

Casinos, especially online ones are always on the hunt for ways to keep their customers engaged. One of the latest technologies that threaten to take over the online casino industry is virtual reality (VR) tech. The tech is currently being used by major names such as NetEnt to create VR tournaments. NetEnt is leading the […]

A Guide to the Most Popular Casinos in the World

A Guide to the Most Popular Casinos in the World

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There are plenty of land-based and online casinos in the world. Each one of them has unique qualities that make them special. The popularity of casinos may come from its games or the experience it gives its clients. Some of the best casinos have floors so large that you could get lost in them. Continue […]

Playing On The Go Couldn’t Be More Simpler With Mobile Casinos

The Revolving World of The Internet For many the internet is a life saver and shapes most of our lives in many ways. For the older generation in particular the internet may still be quite confusing but overall an exciting development into the future. Now, the world has a portable form of internet via mobile […]

What sort of earnings can you make as a casino affiliate?

When it comes to casino affiliate earnings the sky is really the only limit, if you are prepared to put in the hard work you can earn some very decent money. In order to make money as casino affiliate, you really need to understand your market, keep on top of promoting your websites and reach […]

Your blueprint for creating an awesome casino comparison site

If you want to get started but feel daunted by all the information out there, check out this blueprint to help you start building your own casino affiliate website. It sets out the principle elements you need to build your site and advises on the ethical considerations that can make or break affiliate sites. First-base […]

Can You GIG It? – A look At Affiliate Marketing with Gaming Innovation Group

The Gaming Innovation Group, otherwise known as GIG, run their very own established and successful affiliate program in the igaming industry. Boasting a track record of many well-known brands amidst their portfolio, the GIG Affiliate Program rewards third parties who refer customers to their several online gaming and betting brands. By sending traffic to the […]

A Peek at the Bet365 Affiliate Program

A Peek at the Bet365 Affiliate Program

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When it comes to casinos affiliate programs, the Bet365 affiliate program is your go-to for all gambling opportunities on online casinos. Bet365 affiliate program is the most popular and most significant for online casino brand across the world. It is responsible for the Bet365 online casino affiliate. The past 12 years have seen Bet365 become […]

A look at William Hill’s online affiliate program

William Hill is a well established betting firm, beginning in 1934 as a simple postal service and telecommunications bookmaker. They have since grown to be a giant in the industry both online and in their brick-and-mortar stores. They now have nearly 20 years of online experience and an ever expanding pool of assets/brands. Their affiliate […]

What UK Affiliates Can Expect Teaming Up With Ladbrokes

If you are looking to earn some money from the comfort of your home, the Ladbrokes affiliate program might be the answer. Ladbrokes have many different brands that you can represent, and they are already a big player in the betting and gaming market, with some work on your part you can make some healthy […]

The Secrets to Successful Casino Affiliate Marketing

The online casino industry is more popular than ever before thanks to high-speed Internet and dedicated smartphone applications. While this is beneficial for website owners, we also need to keep in mind that competition is rife. Success within this sector involves just as much marketing as it is concerned with offering players quality games and […]