A Peek at the Bet365 Affiliate Program

A Peek at the Bet365 Affiliate Program

A Peek at the Bet365 Affiliate Program

When it comes to casinos affiliate programs, the Bet365 affiliate program is your go-to for all gambling opportunities on online casinos. Bet365 affiliate program is the most popular and most significant for online casino brand across the world. It is responsible for the Bet365 online casino affiliate. The past 12 years have seen Bet365 become an affiliate for not only the UK but also Europe. It is a professional site for companies and individual gambling sites to use for purposes of promoting a reputable and leading online casino to their customers.

How does Bet365 affiliate program work?

The first step in understanding how the Bet365 affiliate program works is you first become an affiliate of the program. After the approval of your affiliate application, you have access to links with an extensive variety of materials that individual online casino affiliates can use on their site or for subscription-based emails.

The materials include promotional texts and banners that automatically refresh. They assist in advertising online casino affiliate promotions or available events. For you to acquire a Bet365 affiliate comission, your online casino affiliate site has to have visitors who end up becoming referred customers. They need to register and make preliminary deposits entirely. Their registrations earn an online casino affiliate 30% commission.

The commission comes from the net winnings of your customers for the period they are on your online casino affiliate. However, the running of the affiliate program requires a reliable software provider for the site. The software providers for the affiliate platform include Microgaming, NeoGames, bet365 group, NetEnt among others. The software platforms provide relevant features that inspire affiliates to make appropriate decisions about their sites.

Affiliate Payment Details

For affiliates to receive payment for their online casino affiliate site, they require a minimum of five players for a payout to their accounts. Members make their payout request on the bet365 affiliate platform. The minimum amount any affiliate can withdraw is £ 60.

The affiliate site offers various currency options for payouts. The payment methods for bet365 affiliate commission available are cheques only for USSD and GBP, e-wallet payments, bank transfers, and Debit cards as well. The beautiful thing about bet365 affiliate site, it does not charge any admin fee for the services they provide.

How does one become an affiliate?

The question most people may ask is how do I become an affiliate to bet365? Well here is how. The first thing any interested individual or company needs to do is fill out the application form. In the process of filing in the application form, it is essential to study the terms and conditions bet365 affiliate provides.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can then submit your form and wait for approval. The review period for affiliate forms is within the five working days. Upon approval, you become an affiliate and begin to have bet365 affiliate platform work for you.

Reasons why Bet365 affiliate program is popular among online casino brands

As mentioned earlier bet365 affiliate platform is popular among online casino brands. The reasons for its popularity is due to the following reasons

  1. It offers a reasonable and flat commission of 30% to its affiliates. The commission rate is similar for all online casino games from bingo, online casino poker among other games. The commission rate they offer their members is higher than what other affiliate platforms provide.
  2. The required minimum payout, which is £60, is low in comparison with other online affiliate sites present in the market currently. They offer different currencies as payout options for their affiliates.
  3. The affiliate software available on their bet365 affiliate platform is top of the art. It allows affiliates easy access to their bet365 affiliate account. The proprietary software allows the affiliate to access an extensive array of promotional tools and materials. The materials are buttons, banners, and link texts they can use on their websites.
  4. It has more markets and a better customer service because of the many online casino brands that choose to become an online casino affiliate. It means the more you support the affiliate platform; the more players come back to your site for more.
  5. Unlike other affiliate sites, Bet365 affiliate platform does not charge any admin fee to their affiliates account.

Overall, bet365 affiliate platform is the best across gambling sites. Not only because of the license by the government of England but also because of the amazing offers its services have to offer online casino brands.