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Establishing Needs and Getting the Traffic to Roll In – Casino Affiliation from Another Perspective

Affiliate marketing tips are plentiful on the internet; every gambling and commission based referral agent has what they think is a foolproof plan to ensure visitors to casinos through affiliate links, in a way that will benefit the casino itself, as well as make enough money for the affiliate that the relationship is a mutual […]

How does no negative carry-over revenue sharing work for online casino affiliates

Around eight in ten affiliate marketing programs use some kind of method for sharing revenue to distribute profits and losses among shareholders. Revenue sharing may seem complex the first time that you come across it, though in fact it is relatively easy to understand. Under a scheme for sharing revenue, anyone who has put any […]

All You Need to Know to Get Started as Casino Affiliate!

Are you a seasoned online casino player looking to make an extra buck? You should know there are ways to earn from casino websites asides from gambling! Some people are making a lot of money by working as affiliates for the biggest online casinos. Most of these websites have an affiliate program that rewards you […]